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Our shelter program works in two ways, either you have the money up front to pay or we  will try to find a source of funding. You’ll need to meet the criteria and fill in an application first. If the criteria is met, the application then goes through a Selection Committee for approval before we can proceed.

Our WASH program is donor funded only at this stage. You need to apply on behalf of your community. Remember we offer lots of solutions for water including composting toilets that reduce the use of water. You need to fill in an application form first, then our WASH team will visit the site to assess the issue and recommend a solution. We then work out the costs to supply that solution and then apply for funding when some is available.

Both Shelter and WASH require the family or community to invest some sweat equity. This is measured in man hours. It could be in the form of physical labour, digging or building beside our team. It could be in the form of providing accommodation and  cooking for our team or international or local volunteers for the duration of the project. Either way, your family or community contribution is necessary.

Volunteering will depend on where you come from. Overseas volunteers will go through their local HFH and Global Village program to sign up to work with us here. Local volunteers, individuals, groups, clubs, schools or corporates are all welcome. Contact us directly with your interest.

Disaster response is an automatic process that happens in conjunction with other first responding organisations.

If you have queries or want to apply for a house or a community water solution, or you want to volunteer or fundraise, please contact us by email or call us on 331 2012 or call in to see us in Walu Bay. You can also send us an email through this website or via our facebook page.


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