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What sort of assistance does Habitat give?

We have a set of requirements to meet to see if you are eligible.

What is the monthly payments?

We are not offering the mortgage repayment scheme at the moment. If you can source funding through a loan or your FNPF contributions then we may be able to help you.

Are you still building home for free for those people in need?

If we have a funding source, yes. And funding depends on donors criteria. The criteria could be about supporting an industry or recovery from a disaster. And just a note, houses aren’t free. We do require you to put in some effort. This is known as sweat equity, it’s your investment to keeping the costs down.

I have a plan – can you build for me ?

To meet our application criteria and to keep the costs as low as we can we are limited to what we can build. We have a couple of options depending on your budget or location. Think of this as a starter pack. You can add on more later when you have funds available but what we can provide is a start, a hand up.

Do you build block houses?

We used to but the costs are too high. These days we build with timber frames. We use strapping so there is reinforcement to withstand cyclones.

What is the cheapest house?

We offer an open plan house measuring 6m x 3.5m. This doesn’t have a bathroom, toilet or kitchen. It costs $9 500 when built in Suva. If you are outside of Suva we would have to price it for the area you are in.

What else do you build?

The next size up is also open plan measuring 9.2m x 6.5m. This costs $30 000 in build in Suva. Again, we will have to give you a price for outside of Suva.

Can you build in a village?

Yes, if you can provide us with a consent letter from the Turaga ni koro.

Do I have to have land or can Habitat provide that?

Habitat doesn’t provide land. You will need to have the land title or a consent letter if you are building on Mataqali land.

How long does it take to build a Habitat home?

On average it take three days for the smaller structure and 2- 3 weeks for the bigger one. Being in Fiji, you have to remember weather may influence that also.

When will you have the next funding to build similar to the EU builds in the sugar cane areas?

We are always looking for and applying for funding. We know there is plenty of need in the communities, so it is an ongoing process. The decisions lie with the donors, our job is to provide a strong case when we put our applications in. Be confident we are working on it.

Where is your office located?

Lot 1 Foster Road, Walu Bay. Heading out of Suva, pasted the bus stand you get to the roundabout with the Pacific Service Station near it. Go over the bridge like you heading towards Lami, and in the second driveway on the right. It’s where to old Telecom offices were. At the gate security will direct you.




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