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A large group of 26 volunteers came from the United States during the month of July.
Well, technically not everyone came from the US. It was an open team organized in the US and the majority of the team members did come from places like Missouri, California, Nevada, Los Angeles but there were a few others who didn’t―two from China, one from Singapore and one from New Zealand.

Shannon was the team leader. She said the mix of ages and types of people in the team was varied. There were family groups and singles, they ranged in age from 17 to retirement. Many had worked with Habitat before; for others it was the first time. A group of young volunteers around the age of 23 tackled the task of digging a hole for a septic tank, something completely new for them.

Shelby comes from Colorado. She has been on builds in Costa Rica, Kenya and now Fiji.
‘It’s life changing. (You) get to part of the community. If coming here as a tourist, I wouldn’t get to meet these people’, she says referring to the family they are building for and the building crew they are working with.

The super team split into three groups to build two transitional shelters in Sawarua settlement, Lokia, Rewa for the families of Sera and Kelera and the larger group built a house for Waisake, a former peacekeeper, his wife and 7 children outside of Nausori. This last home is funded in conjunction with Fiji Kids – Learning for Life.

Some of the super team were struck down with illness over their 10 day schedule but all of them soldiered on to get the transitional shelters completed and the house for Waisake near completion.

Sera’s house at Sawarua settlement.


Waisake’s home outside of Nausori

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